Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I wash?

Answer: Weekly provides the best protection for your car.

2. How often should I have my car hand waxed?

Answer: Every 6 to 9 months (most wax will not last any longer)

3. If my car has paint sealant, do I need to wax?

Answer: Absolutely, paint sealant must be reapplied every 6 months to be covered under warranty. Hand wax is much cheaper and it lasts.

4. What is the fastpass?

Answer: We attach a Fastpass RFID sticker with all of our Unlimited Monthly Passes. This will automatically read on our system and open the gate.

5. Do you open when it rains or snows?

Answer: If the roads are wet or snow covered we will delay opening.

6. What is the Neoglide equipment?

Answer: Neoglide is revolutionary new wash material is extremely gentle to today's soft clear coat cars. Neoglide inhibits water absorption, resists grit and dirt from becoming

embedded into the material, so there is no disturbance of the clear coat paint. It eliminates pulling, tugging, and damage to exterior car parts. It out cleans, outlasts, and

outperforms conventional cloth for a superior job.

7. Do I have to get out of my car to go through?

Answer: You only need to get out if you are getting a full service interior wash. 

8. How many years in business? 

Answer: 30 plus years.

9. How long has it been Sargeants?

Answer: 20 years

10. How long does a carpet shampoo take? How long will my carpet be damp?

Answer: It takes about a 1/2 hour and it will stay damp about 6 hours or less with heat or air.

11. How does the second free barcode work?

Answer: You can wash any vehicle that goes through our tunnel for free, it must be within 10 days of the original wash. Expiration date is on the bottom of the receipt. You scan the barcode on our Express Pay Terminal to redeem.

12. Do you only accept credit or debit cards for your unlimited passes?

Answer: Our system is setup to do monthly recurring charges to a credit card, but we do offer a 3 month prepaid cash plan.

13. Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Answer: Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

14. When should I wash off bugs and bird droppings?

Answer: As soon as possible, especially if the car is new. Insect residue and bird droppings form acids that immediately start to eat away a car’s finish.